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They include the following:

A unit owner was required to remove a gas fireplace and copper tubing installed without the prior written approval of the Board, as required by the Declaration, despite an after-the-fact request and without examining whether denial of the request would be reasonable.

A lanai enclosure and slab extension were required to be cut back to the limits the Association had actually approved.

A county commission may not settle a zoning lawsuit with a developer without first considering resident comments at a public hearing.

A condominium association may assign exclusive use of common element parking spaces to unit owners and allow them to construct carports.

Under an appropriate Declaration provision, the use of a unit owned by a corporation may be limited to a designated single family or individual.

Absent agreement between an Association and a unit owner, the Association may not validly levy a commission, surcharge or other fee for unit rentals, other than a screening fee as allowed by state law.

Neighborhood testimony may form a sufficient basis to defeat a rezoning on grounds which include traffic impacts and compatibility.

The court entered a permanent injunction prohibiting a gate, gatepost or obstruction of any kind across a driveway easement for plaintiffs' residence.

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D.J. Fredericks

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