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Lobeck & Hanson assists our clients in the preparation of contracts and in contract disputes. It is very important that whenever an Association contracts for management services, significant repairs or any other purpose which substantially affects the Association, that the contract be worded properly so as to protect the Association's interests.

Typically, the form of contract which is presented to the Association by a contractor will either omit important provisions or perhaps even be worded unfairly in the contractor's interest. This firm seeks instead to have contracts for its clients which better protect the Association's valid interest. It is far better to invest a little in the preparation of a proper contract than to later encounter a problem with the contractor and be left without adequate legal remedy.

In the event problems do arise with the contractor, such as in defective work, we assist our clients in identifying the problem, demanding a correction, and seeking an appropriate settlement or other remedy. We also assist our clients in complying with the Florida Construction Lien Law. It is very important that an Association seek to comply with that law for any contract for repairs and improvements (including landscaping enhancements) over $2,500. If the Association fails to do so, it could end up paying twice for the same work by being exposed to claims by subcontractors and suppliers as well as the contractor.

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