Core Values

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution

- Aristotle

For decades, the Law Offices of Lobeck and Hanson has ever strived to improve the level of service to our valued clients. Experience allows us to do that, building upon lessons of what works best and learning what clients expect from their attorneys.

As such, we have honed the following Core Principles to guide our attorneys and staff:
  • Be ethical, seeking always to adhere to the standards of The Florida Bar and principles of fair play.
  • Shoot straight with our clients, seeking opportunities for success while being frank about potential obstacles.
  • Set a fair billing rate but perhaps even more important, bill accurately and appropriately for services rendered. Don’t "pad" bills or "churn" accounts.
  • Remain responsive, turning around inquiries and requests as diligently as possible.
  • Earn a reputation as a "bulldog" in vigorous pursuit of a client’s goals, while remaining reasonable and professional in the process.
  • Above all, listen – to determine the client’s objectives and concerns.
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